Day of German Unity celebrations at the Ambassador’s residence

04.10.2018 - Image gallery

Ambassador Dr. Martin Ney welcomed around 1600 guests to celebrate the Day of German Unity in the garden of the German residence in New Delhi on 3rd October 2018.

The event was once again the biggest of its kind this year in the Indian capital and was carried out in cooperation with the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The jazz band 'The Revisit Project' and the choir 'The Capital City Minstrels' delivered unique and beautiful renditions of both the German and Indian national anthems.
In his speech, Ambassador Dr. Ney mentioned that 3rd October 1990 is the happiest day in recent German history.
The end of Germany's division also signified the end of block confrontation and mutual threat in Europe.
The German Ambassador also stressed the importance of India and Germany adopting a joint approach in order to build an effective system for multilateralism.
Thousands of Indians and Germans  make Indo-German connections come alive every single day thus keeping the relations between both the countries thriving.

Day of German Unity celebrations at the Ambassador’s residence

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