German Embassy congratulates young Indian railway managers on their training in Germany on railway system.

07.06.2018 - Press release

A  briefing was organized by the German Embassy New Delhi together with the Indian Ministry of Railways for a first group of 40 young managers visiting Germany from 4th to 7th June 2018.

A group of 40 Young Indian railway Managers are on their way to Germany
A group of 40 Young Indian railway Managers are on their way to Germany© German Embassy New Delhi

The Head of Transport & Digital Infrastructure, Yasmin Sadeghi, and the Member Staff of Railway Board, D.K. Gayen, held a speech to congratulate and motivate the Managers.
Under the bilateral declaration on Railways between both countries, dated 2015, these new young managers got an opportunity to explore the world-class railway technology and infrastructure in Germany. They will get an overview how German railways system works. They will be visiting German railways - Deutsche Bahn and they also will get a broad overview about the German railway technique by German mobility company Siemens. Siemens is internationally well-known and famous for its high speed trains.
Germany is one of the few countries with whom India has regular Governmental Consultations every two years. Also since 2013 there is a Joint declaration between Indian Railways and German Railways named “Deutsche Bahn” to intensify their collaboration.
On the field of a new High Speed corridor Chennai – Bangalore - Mysore and to speed-Upgrade existing corridors of Indian Railways Germany and India closely work together.

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