Wiss-Nama Newsletter January 2021

18.01.2021 - Press release

News from Indo-German cooperation

Rajachandran Madhan takes over as new IGSTC Director
Rajachandran Madhan has taken over as the new Director of IGSTC on December 29, 2020. On joining, he said: “As a director, I look forward to enhancing programmes to include early career connect, schemes for women researchers & technologists, jointly addressing global issues, real life technology requirements and out of the box ideas.” Previously, Mr. Madhan served as Science Counselor at the Embassy of India, Berlin, Germany, where he contributed in enhancing bilateral cooperation between scientists and academicians of India and Germany. He played a major role in connecting German institutions (including Fraunhofer, Leibniz, Helmholtz, Max Planck Institutes, TU9, Excellence Initiative Universities) with Indian counterparts (including CSIR, DBT, DST, MoES, ICAR, IISc, IIT). He affirms that “IGSTC has the potential to create numerous opportunities to connect India and Germany in the areas of applied research, technology development, industrial partnership and capacity building.”
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Indo-German Science Roundtable
On January 13, German science organisations present in India met virtually for their biannual Roundtable, hosted by the German Embassy. A presentation on STIP 2020 was conducted  by Dr Akhilesh Gupta, DST, in which he highlighted the most important points of the draft policy and their relevance for international science cooperation. Science Counsellor Philipp von Ritter briefed on current priorities of Indo-German science diplomacy and informed on outcomes of the videoconference between PM Modi and Chancellor Merkel. Representatives from the present organisations updated each other on the activities planned by their respective organisations.

Hertie School and TATA Institute of Social Sciences sign MoU for further cooperation
Hertie School (Berlin) and TATA Institute of Social Sciences (TISS; Pune) signed an MoU on November 16, 2020, to expand their framework of collaboration for an initial period of 5 years. In line with the internationalization focus of NEP 2020, their collaboration will focus on academic exchange and research cooperation. Each institute will nominate a handful of students annually as exchange students to the other during the fall semester. The institutions will also work together on mapping graduate programmes in Public Policy and on data-informed governance.
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Upcoming events and conferences

Science Circle Lecture: Why is the universe not empty?
On February 22, 2021, DWIH New Delhi, Heidelberg University and German Embassy will organise a virtual science circle lecture on the Cosmos and the development of its structures, ranging from the Solar System to the Milky Way galaxy to other distant galaxies. The lecture by Matthias Bartelmann, Professor of theoretical astrophysics at Heidelberg University, will explain why dark matter exists, why the existence of ordinary matter is so surprising, and why they key to the origins of the Cosmos are most likely be found under the microscope.
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Indo-German Forum: Cities and Climate
On March 16 and 17, DWIH New Delhi is organising its annual Indo-German Forum, which will address the topics of urbanisation and climate change. During the two-day virtual event, German and Indian scientists, decision-makers, and professionals from various disciplines will present research projects and put light on how cities adapt to climate change and how urban settlements can minimise their environmental impacts. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss and network with experts and with representation DWIH support organisations.
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DAAD Events

Web Q&A: Bachelor Studies in Germany
Attend if you have questions about Bachelors in Germany!
January 19, 2021, 3:00 PM, online
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Web Q&A: Master Studies in Germany
Attend to have your questions answered about Master studies in Germany
January 21, 2021, 3:00 PM, online
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Web Panel Discussion: Students speak – Doing Masters in Germany
January 27, 2021, 3:00 PM, online
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Web Q&A: PhD in Germany
Get your questions about PhD in Germany answered here!
January 28, 2021, 3:00 PM, online
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Calls for proposals

Doctoral fellowship at the Max Planck Sciences PO Center on coping with instability in market societies in Paris
The Max Planck Sciences Po Center on Coping with Instability in Market Societies (MaxPo) in Paris invites applications for a doctoral fellowship in sociology or political science at Sciences Po in Paris. Applicants should submit proposals on topics that come under economic sociology, political economy, economic or political history. Applicants must also have a master’s degree in history, sociology or political science. The MaxPo PhD program runs in close collaboration with the doctoral program of the International Max Planck Research School on the Social and Political Constitution of the Economy (IMPRS-SPCE) in Cologne.
Application deadline: January 21, 2021
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DBT invites applications under the EU framework progamme on R&I Horizon 2020
The Department of Biotechnology (DBT) in cooperation with the European Commission (EC) is co-funding collaborative projects in the last Horizon 2020 Work programme on ‘Building a low-carbon, climate resilient future: research and innovation in support of the European Green Deal’. The Green Deal calls support innovative solutions in research and innovation with regards to climate change and thereby underpin the “Green Deal” as proclaimed by Commission President von der Leyen. Public as well as private universities, research institutes and industry are eligible to apply.
Application deadline: January 26, 2021
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ICAS:MP Virtual Spring School 2021 for Doctoral Researchers
ICAS:MP invites applications from PhD students from all disciplines of the Humanities and Social Sciences for a virtual spring summer school from March 14-24, 2021. Under the title, “Thinking the Political” this summer school is designed to offer broad-based theoretical training to doctoral researchers and enhance methodological competence. Addressing the question of how to conceive “the political”, it aims to follow the controversies and negotiations that are a core characteristic of modern societies across all major life areas, and discuss conflicting views about the shaping of contemporary social processes.
Application deadline: January 31, 2021
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Fellowship Program for International Students
Applications for Fellowship Program for International Students are invited by National Board of Examinations (NBE), an autonomous organisation by the Indian Ministry of Health & Family Welfare in the field of Post Graduate Medical Education and Assessment. Previously it has also accredited centres for offering fellowship programme in various sub-specialties. Some of the courses offered in the Fellowship Program are Hand and Micro Surgery, Maternal and Foetal Medicine, Minimal Access Surgery, Spine Surgery etc. Interested students may apply and appear for a qualifying examination.
Application deadline: February 3, 2021
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E-Summer school by Symbiosis International University
An E-Summer School, organised by Symbiosis Centre for European Studies and Symbiosis Centre for International Education along with University of Koeln especially for German students from March 1- 12, 20121 will provide participants an insight into India’s economy. The participants will get an idea of India’s socio-economic-cultural landscape and engage in some fun through workshops on language and cultural integration. Students enrolled in any undergraduate/postgraduate programme at the UoC, other NRW-Alliance Partner University or the Free University of Berlin are eligible to apply. The course costs EUR 150 per person.
Application deadline: February 17, 2021
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Funding call for clinical development of drugs against Covid-19
The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) published a new funding announcement for the development of drugs and other therapeutics against COVID-19. The program with an initial volume of EUR 50 million aims to support clinical development of drugs. Companies and scientists can now apply for funding for this purpose. If the participation of health care facilities from abroad in clinical trials is necessary, funds for patient-related expenses abroad are eligible. Federal Research Minister Anja Karliczek said, “in addition to the availability of vaccines, safe and effective therapeutics against Covid-19 are important to manage the pandemic.” BMBF has been funding the development of new therapy options and now support is being provided in this area for the clinical test phases and product development, as specific drugs for Covid-19 have to be provided to combat the disease.
Application deadline: February 17, 2021
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DBT-DFG Programme for Indo-German Fundamental Research Projects in the Life Sciences
The Department of Biotechnology (DBT) and the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) invite applications from Indian and German scientific researchers to seek synchronised funding for integrated Indo-German cutting-edge fundamental research projects proposing innovative approaches in the academic disciplines covered by DBT, with a duration of up to three years. It is also suitable for Indo-German projects about epidemics or pandemics such as the current SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. Funding will be granted for only those proposals where both DBT and DFG recommend funding.
Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis: until February 28, 2021.
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IGSTC 2+2 Call 2020
Indo-German Science & Technology Centre (IGSTC) invites First Stage Proposals for joint R&D&I projects of industrial relevance in 2+2 Mode of Partnership in the thematic area Additive Manufacturing with subtopics New Materials for Additive Manufacturing, Printed and Wearable Electronics, Large scale Additive Manufacturing, In situ Process Monitoring and Control and 3D printing processes for biomedical devices and implants. Applicants have to build a consortium (minimum 4 partners) consisting of one research / academic institute and one public / private industry from both India and Germany.  Applicants from public and private non-profit research organisations, public and private institutions of higher education, universities and public or private companies having R&D bases are eligible to partner an application.
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Master’s in Transcultural Studies at Heidelberg University
Heidelberg University welcomes applications for its two-year Master’s Programme in  Transcultural Studies, in which students from around the globe can explore the dynamics of cultural exchanges working across disciplinary and national boundaries. The emphasis lies on Asia, predominantly East and South Asia, and Europe. The MA in Transcultural Studies is a research-oriented, interdisciplinary programme in the humanities and social sciences with a trans-regional focus. It offers a wide range of courses within an international research environment. Applicants must hold a BA or equivalent (minimum three years of study) in a discipline of the humanities or social sciences.
Application deadline: June 15, 2021
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Special Call for Indo-German Bilateral Virtual Workshops
The Indo-German Science & Technology Centre (IGSTC) invites proposals for Indo-German virtual thematic workshops for interactions between scientists/researchers from academia and industry. The workshops are to be designed around a specific research topic out of thematic areas relevant to both DST and BMBF. Scientists holding regular positions in public or private non-profit research organisations, institutions of higher education and universities are eligible to submit applications. Applications are considered on a rolling basis.
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To acquaint our readers with the scientific scenario in India and Germany and to highlight the Indo-German cooperation in the field of science and technology, we introduce one German or Indian Science institution in every edition, as a regular feature in our newsletter:

Hertie School, Berlin
The private Hertie School, founded in 2003, is today one of Europe’s leading Public Policy schools. It offers all-English-language graduate and executive programmes in public policy and international affairs and hosts over 60 PhD students. Located in the heart of the German capital, Hertie entertains close collaborations with German ministries and civil society organisations. Hertie alumni work in the German and European public administration, big companies, and the United Nations. Dozens of Indian students have studied at Hertie. The Hertie School recently signed an MoU with the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) to further enhance cooperation with India, with a focus on student exchange and research cooperation. Hertie Managing Director Dr. Baisch explains: “We offer practical and research-oriented master degree programs in public policy, international affairs and data science. Hertie School is committed to strengthening its presence in India, the world's largest democracy and one of the fastest-growing economies. Funding opportunities for students from India, such as the Indo-German Young Leaders Forum (IGYLF) Scholarship, are available.”
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Did You Know?

WISS-NAMA, the title of the newsletter of the Science Department of the German Embassy New Delhi, is a combination of a German and an Indian word: WISS, an abbreviation of the German word 'Wissenschaft' (meaning science), and NAMA, a word used in Sanskrit and Persian contexts, standing for 'compendium' or 'handbook'.

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