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18.05.2020 - FAQ


Kindly contact our service provider VFS Global who is handling the booking of appointments.
In case you are residing in the consular district of the German Consultes General in Bangalore and Chennai and the booking is via RK-Termin website: close your browser session and start a new one to try again.
Please click here for more information on how to book your appointment.

Please book one appointment per applicant.

The German Missions understand that your travel is important to you. However, Germany applies a strict policy of transparency and equal treatment. Please understand that early appointments can only be granted in extreme medical or humanitarian situations. Should this be the case, please send an email to the German Mission in whose consular district you reside and inform us on the hardship you are experiencing, attaching relevant proof, and we will duly assess your case.

Yes. Every long-term traveler needs a visa and a separate appointment has to be booked to apply for the visa.


Your relative/friend may accompany you up to the gate of the German Mission‘s visa section. For security reasons and space limitations, you will however have to appear for your visa interview by yourself. Our staff is multilingual, so do not be afraid that you will not understand a question.

Yes, you may already book an appointment for a date shortly after your marriage. Please make sure, though, that you have all the necessary documents together by the time of your appointment.

No. You have to apply at the German mission in which consular district you have your place of residence. The list of consular districts can be found here.

It depends. If your spouse is highly skilled and holds an EU Blue Card, an ICT Card, or if your spouse is a scientist, you are considered “dependent” if you apply along with your spouse or if you follow him/her within six months of his relocation.
In case your spouse holds another residence permit and / or you relocate more than six months after his/her arrival in Germany, please apply in the “family reunion” category.

In order to apply for a long-term visa, you need either the original documents or copies certified by a German authority. Certifications by Indian authorities or notary publics will not be accepted.
If you no longer possess a document in the original, you can apply for a new one with the competent authority.

Please understand that we do not have the capacity to double check your application prior to your appointment, neither can we give binding information regarding individual applications in advance. Please refer to the checklist of the visa category you apply for and make sure you have all the necessary documents. Your documentation will be checked during your appointment.

If your name is different from the way it is mentioned in the documents you are presenting for your visa application, please present as proof a corresponding notice in two newspapers and / or the publication of your name change in the Gazette of India.
Also, your name should be the same in all your documents that were issued after the name change happened, e.g. marriage.

Please note that if the checklist of required documents for the visa category that you are applying for mentions a birth certificate, then it is a mandatory document. If you do not already have one, then you can apply for a late registration of birth at the competent registrar's office.

Attestation or apostille of Indian documents is not recognized by German authorities and is therefore not required for visa purposes. However, your documents might have to be verified for its genuineness. If this is the case, it is mentioned in the corresponding checklist of the visa category you are applying for. For more information on document verification, please click here.

The acceptable modes of payment for the visa fees varies in different German Embassy/Consulates in India. Please refer to our National Visa webpage​ (Step-5) to know more about which modes of payments are acceptable in respective Embassy/Consulates.

Unfortunately, there is no way to track your application online. Depending on the category of your national visa application, processing may take several months. Status inquiries will not be answered within the first three months after filing your application, as this increases the processing time considerably. You will be notified on the result of your application automatically once it has been decided upon.

Please contact your local aliens authority (Ausländerbehörde) for detailed information. They will advise you if your residence permit / Fiktionsbescheinigung can be extended or if you need to apply for a return visa.

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