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06.10.2022 - Article

October 2022
Checklist for a Schengen visa for Airport Transit

A. Personal details of the applicant
Surname: _______________________________________
Date of birth: ____________________________________
Passport number: _________________________________
First please check whether you require an airport transit visa. Indian nationals generally require an airport transit visa for the Schengen area. This visa allows a short stop-over at an international airport only, without leaving the airport’s international transit area or overnight stay in a hotel. If you need to leave the international transit area (e.g. in order to catch a connecting flight at another airport to leave the Schengen area), please apply for a regular Schengen visa.
a) Indian nationals holding a valid visa or residence permit from a member state of the Schengen area or Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Cyprus, Liechtenstein, Ireland, Canada, Japan, USA (except for holders of an US “Advanced Parole Document”)
b) Indian nationals holding a valid residence permit for Andorra, Monaco or San Marino
c) Diplomatic passport holders
generally do not require an airport transit visa.
B. Required documents
(if not otherwise noted, submittal of copies of the original document are sufficient. Please note that the Visa Section does not return original documents if a copy has not been provided by the applicant)
Please mark on the left column if the document / form has been submitted
Schengen visa application form completely filled out and signed.
Please use the VIDEX website to fill out the application online. Please ensure to print and submit all pages of the application form including the barcodes.
Signed declaration of True and Complete Information
Signed declaration of travel with valid medical insurance
Valid passport (issued within the last 10 years and with at least 3 months' validity after the scheduled return); passports with observations regarding the front data page will not be accepted; passport must have at least two empty pages to affix visa
Copy of the biometric & address page of the passport (DIN A 4)
Two biometric passport pictures (35x45mm white background, 70%-80% face coverage), not older than six months
Flight reservation to final destination (if one way) or return ticket if you live in India
Copy of the valid visa / residence permit for your final destination, if applicable
C. Additional documents for applications of minor applicants
Application form and both declarations under 1)-3) have to be signed by both parents
Passport copy (biometric and address page) of the applicant’s mother
Passport copy (biometric and address page) of the applicant’s father
If one or both parents are not submitting the visa application with the child: copy of the visa of that parent
If only one parent submits the application:
 Proof of single custody of that parent either by submittal of the court ruling or submittal of the death certificate of the deceased parent
 Or (if both parents have shared custody) submittal of written and signed authorization letter of the parent non-present with passport copy (biometric and address page)
D. Additional documents the applicant wants to submit (please note that VFS is not authorized to refuse acceptance of documents the applicant wants to submit but are not mentioned on the checklist)
E. Information about biometric data
Were the fingerprints of the applicant collected in the last 59 months for applying for a Schengen visa in India? If yes, please mention month and year of collection:
Please note that fingerprints should be taken if the applicant submits his application in person even if the last submittal was within the last 59 months!
Was the applicant excused from giving fingerprints for biometrics? If so, please specify why!
F. Signed authorization letter for the travel agent or the representative
Copy of passport of the person submitting the application
G. General remarks of the German mission for submittal of a Schengen visa application
 The German Missions reserve the right to ask for additional documents.
 Submission of the above-mentioned documents does not guarantee that a visa is granted.
 Submission of incomplete documentation may result in the rejection of an application. The visa section is not obliged to ask for submittal of documents already mentioned on this list before denying an application.
 Applications have to be submitted not earlier than six months before and not later than 15 working days before the intended date of travel.
 Applications are processed within 15 working days from the day of arrival at the visa section. When submitting your application via VFS application center,
please keep in mind that the visa application will need up to two working days to reach the visa section. Public holidays of the German missions as announced on our website will not count as working days.
 Please note that individual status inquiries cannot be answered within the standard processing time of 15 working days.
 A booked flight ticket does not result in a preferred processing of the application.
 All documents, forms and declarations have to be submitted either in German or English. All documents, forms and declarations not in German or English have to be submitted with proper German or English translation. Failing to provide proper translation will result in the document, form or declaration considered “missing”
H. Declaration of the visa applicant (to be signed by the parent(s) submitting the application if applicant is a minor or by the representative at the VFS VAC on the day of submittal)
I have taken note of the general and special remarks as mentioned on checklist.
I have been informed that VFS Global does not have any influence on the decision about a visa application
I confirm that the VFS officer has noted all documents submitted by me and that I want the application in its present form to be forwarded to the German mission. I am aware that original documents not submitted with a copy will be kept by the visa section.
Name, Surname of the applicant or representative:
Signature of the applicant or representative:
I. Date of submittal: __________________________
VFS VAC in _____________________
Application submitted: by the applicant / the parents as holders of the custody of minor applications / a representative with proper authorization (please cross what is not applicable)
I confirm that above this checklist has been filled out together with and signed in front of me by the applicant or his / her duly authorized representative at today’s appointment at the above VAC.
VFS Officer: ………………………………… Signature: ……………………….….

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