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Please note that you will need a valid transit visa if you are traveling to the UK via Germany or another Schengen country. Without this visa you will be denied bording. This applies also if you already have a valid visa for the UK. If you are a UK citizen, you do not need a transit visa.

Visa can now be issued by the German Consulate General in Istanbul. Applicants who have already been informed by the Embassy about the positive decision on their visa will be contacted by IOM Kabul regarding the procedure of visa stamping and passport delivery.

Residents of Afghanistan also may apply for a German visa at the German Embassy in New Delhi.

You can schedule an appointment for submission of your Schengen visa application via/at the Embassy’s service Provider.

•For detailed information about the required supporting documents, please refer to the website of the German Embassy in Kabul and the general visa Information of the German Missions in India.
•Supporting documents in a language other than German or English have to be presented with a German or English Translation.

•If you do not speak English or Hindi, it is highly recommended that you bring a translator to your visa appointment.
•Please be aware that processing time for your visa request will be approximately ten to twelve days and may well take several weeks in some cases, especially if follow-up is needed. We urge you to present your application in a complete and well-prepared manner!

If you want to apply for a National (long-term) German Visa, e.g. for family reunion, you will have to register in a waiting list through the website of the German Embassy in Kabul. You will subsequently be allotted an appointment in New Delhi.

You cannot schedule an appointment for a National Visa directly through the German Embassy in Delhi or the Embassy’s service provider and you cannot submit an application without an appointment.

You will find all pertinent information regarding the application process on the website of the German Embassy in Kabul.

The German Embassy in New Delhi serves applicants from and residing in Bhutan. For a list of required supporting documents, kindly refer to visa requirements for Indian applicants.

Schengen-Visa (short-term-visa) applicants may apply through the Visa Application Centre in Thimpu.

Applicants for National Visas (family reunion) may currently apply through the Visa Application Centre in Thimpu. Please contact VFS directly to get an appointment.

Applicants for National Visas (e.g. student, employment for a stay of more than 90 days) must apply in person at the German Embassy in New Delhi.

Please be advised that visa applications for holders of Indian IC (Identity Certificate) require a processing time of at least 10 days. Furthermore, it is mandatory to hold a return visa (valid until at least two weeks after your intended return to India).

Holders of UN Laissez-passer Travel Documents, regardless of their nationality, on official duty only, do not need a visa to travel to Germany for a short term visit of up to 90 days.
Please be prepared to provide proof of your official mission as well as your nationality (national passport) upon entering Germany.
You are also expected to provide proof of travel insurance upon entering Germany.

Holders of UN Laissez-passer travel documents intending to enter Germany for a private visit, must apply for a visa with their national passport.
You are kindly advised to follow the general rules and requirements provided by the German Embassy in New Delhi.

Holders of Indian Diplomatic Passports do not need a visa to enter Germany. Please be prepared to provide proof of travel insurance upon entering Germany.

As this exemption is based on a bilateral agreement, you are kindly requested to check possible visa requirements for transit through third countries and/or onward destinations.

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