Climate Change Adaptation in the North Eastern Region


The project focuses on the following areas: Implementation of the state action plans on climate change, climate proofing, knowledge management and capacity building initiatives in Sikkim, Meghalaya and Nagaland.

The objective of the project is: “Government departments, key partner institutions and communities apply policies, strategies and instruments on Climate Change Adaptation (CCA)”. GIZ and the official partner Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region (MoDONER) and designated nodal offices of the Department of Science Technology and Climate Change, Sikkim, Nagaland Empowerment of People through Economic Development (NEPED) and State Planning Department, Government of Meghalaya aim to reach this goal together. The project will work in the following areas:

1. Implementation of the State Action Plans on Climate Change

Three states will be supported in the implementation and review of State Action Plans on Climate Change (SAPCC). This will facilitate integration of selected climate change adaptation measures into the planning and implementation of public programmes and schemes, both state sponsored and central sponsored. Action plans will address state-specific concerns of vulnerable sectors and communities in the context of climate change.

2. Climate proofing of value chains which are important for the livelihood of the people

Efforts to identify vulnerability and need-based CCA measures through series of discussion with partners are underway. These will help introduce climate proofing of agro/natural resource-based value chains. Processes that would facilitate integration of CCA into local planning and implementation of developmental programmes (community-based adaptation measures) are being identified. Demonstration to showcase climate proofing of selected value chains will be undertaken in consultation with partners.

3. Knowledge management at state and regional level to support policy and service delivery decisions

The project will develop a network of research and training institutions and regional organizations in the NER dealing with climate change related issues to strengthen regional cooperation and contribute to regional and national policy making through cooperation with universities, research centres and other organizations engaged in the field of climate change adaptation. Knowledge products will be developed to aid in the knowledge sharing.

4. Creating awareness and training of government officials, service providers and communities

Capacity building initiatives will be undertaken to ensure that various stakeholders are able to integrate climate change adaptation into their programme and/or activities. The project will work closely with training institutes of the region to develop/support curricula development on adaptation to climate change.

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