Consulate Security Restrictions

19.04.2018 - Article

Consulate Security Restrictions at the German Consulate General Kolkata

Due to security reasons visitors are not allowed to carry the following objects inside the Visa & Consular section: electronic devices (e.g. mobile phones, notebook, camera etc.), dangerous objects (e.g. knives, weapons etc.), bags, luggage (e.g. travel bags, back packs, brief cases, suitcases), umbrellas.

Exception: Ladies are allowed to carry “small handbag” (max size 20cm x 20cm) only after it is checked by the Security Guard of the Consulate General. In case this security check is rejected the access to the premises of the Consulate General will be denied.

Visitors will have to dispose the prohibited items before entry. It may not be possible to deposit the above mentioned objects at the entrance of the Visa & Consular Section and the safeguarding of personal belongings lies in the sole responsibility of the applicant.

Inside the Visa & Consular section visitors are allowed to carry only the documents that are required for the submission of a visa application/ consular matter.

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