Travel to Germany and Visa applications under Covid-19 restrictions


The new Ordinance on Coronavirus Entry Regulations (“CoronaEinreiseV”) came into effect as of 13/05/2021 and has been extended until 28 July 2021.

It regulates the registration, quarantine and testing requirements as well as the transport ban from areas of virus variant concern for Germany as a whole - more Information here

With effect from April 26, 2021, the Federal Republic of Germany designated India as a country with significantly elevated risk of infection (virus variant area).

Therefore, entry to Germany, even with a valid visa, is generally banned for passengers who have visited India during the last 10 days. This ban, unfortunately, also applies to holders of student and employment visas (First entries).

According to § 10 para. 2 CoronaEinreiseV, there are only the following - narrow - exceptions to the general ban on Transportation:

1. German citizens
2. Citizens of the EU-countries and Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein or Iceland residing in Germany
3. Residents of Germany, holding a valid residence permit, issued by the competent authority in Germany. A visa issued by the German Embassy or Consulate in India is NOT sufficient
Close family members (spouse and children) can join with a valid family reunion visa.
4. Members of the nuclear family or partners in an existing relationship sharing the same household* of the a.m. persons under 1-3.
The nuclear family comprises spouses, legal partners, minor children and parents of minor children.
5. Transit passengers in international transit only! This exception does not apply to passengers who have an onward domestic connection within the Schengen area, as this would require entry into Germany.
More Information here and also on this page.
6. Cargo transport staff and other staff needed for the transport of goods (including mail, freight and empty carriers, as well as returning aircraft, ships and crews)
7. Medical staff (physicians, nurses and caregivers including persons undergoing measures regarding the recognition of corresponding foreign professional qualifications ) and escort staff needed for air ambulance and organ transplant flights
8. Persons traveling on urgent humanitarian reasons
Urgent humanitarian reasons include the following:

  • a) death of an immediate relative in Germany (spouse, registered domestic partner, own child or parent);
  • b) birth of own child;
  • c) two close relatives in the absence of any other adult entitled to care and custody of a minor child;
  • d) persons in need of medical treatment if serious harm to their health would otherwise result (confirmed by medical certificate) and one escort;

*no 4: sharing the same household and proof of existing relationship:
Please provide proof of a joint household in India by appropriate documents: lease or proof of house/apartment ownership in both names, utility bills (electricity, cell phone provider etc.) or bank statements for at least three consecutive months for both partners showing the same address.

  • Answers to frequently asked questions regarding travel restrictions, test requirements before entry, quarantine and more in Germany can be found here.
  • All travellers from Covid-19 risk areas or virus variant areas, such as India, must register on www.einreiseanmeldung.de before entering Germany. As of Tuesday, 30 March 2021, any person entering Germany by plane is to carry a negative corona test and present it to the airline prior to Boarding.
  • Travellers from India have to go directly to their final place of residence and immediately undergo a mandatory home quarantine for 14 days. For questions on quarantine regulations please contact your local Health Authority (Gesundheitsamt).
  • The test is to be taken not earlier than 72 hours (PCR) or 24 hours (Antigen) prior to the scheduled arrival time in Germany. Exempted are children below 6 years. Details about testing can be seen from the Website of Robert Koch-Institut. The test result is to be kept for at least 10 days after entry.
  • Violation of registration and quarantine requirements can lead to a fine of up to 25.000 €.

For FAQs on digital registration on entry, the obligation to furnish proof and quarantine on entry, please click here.

More details are available on the websites of the German Federal Ministry of Health as well as the German Federal Foreign Office.

Additional FAQs are answered here.

Disclaimer: The information provided above is based on information available currently and has been estimated as trustworthy by the German Embassy in New Delhi. No responsibility is taken for neither the correctness nor completeness as well as a liability cannot be assumed for any possible damages occurring.

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