Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM)

17.04.2018 - Article

The Ambassador is supported in his role by the Deputy Chief of Mission, Dr Jasper Wieck, who represents the Ambassador inside and outside the Embassy in all Areas.

Deputy Chief of Mission - Dr Jasper Wieck
Deputy Chief of Mission - Dr Jasper Wieck© German Embassy New Delhi

The Department for Economic & Global Affairs is engaged with Indian stakeholders on global issues focussing on tangible results in business, trade, agriculture, energy, environment, sustainable development, higher education, vocational training as well as science & technology.

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since 2017 German Embassy New Delhi, Deputy Head of Mission 2012-2017 Director, Defence and Security Policy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Berlin 2009-2012 German Delegation…

Curriculum Vitae of Dr. Jasper Wieck, Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM)

Today we are witness to dramatic global developments that are unveiling at a breathtaking pace. Mankind has crossed the threshold of seven billion people and interconnectedness across national…

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