Opening of a Blocked Account


Important information regarding opening of a blocked account for student-visa applicants.

As part of your student-visa application, you are required to provide the proof of sufficient funds to cover your living expenses in Germany. One option to fulfil this requirement would be to open a blocked account at:

1. Kotak Mahindra Bank in India

You can contact any branch of Kotak Mahindra in India and request opening of a blocked account for a student-visa for Germany. Once in Germany, you can request Kotak Mahindra Bank to transfer the fully deposited amount into a blocked account at any local bank in Germany.

2. Deutsche Bank

For information on Deutsche Bank blocked accounts, click here.

Please Note:
  • The German Missions cannot help you obtain and fill out the form for the blocked account.
  • The German Consulate General Mumbai will NOT attest signatures on the blocked account application form.
  • It is not mandatory to open any additional account at a local branch of any of the banks mentioned here. It is also not mandatory to opt for any other services or products (e.g. insurances, etc.) offered by them.

3.  Fintiba/Sutor Bank
For information on blocked accounts with Fintiba/Sutor Bank, please click here.

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