Small Scale Projects

22.09.2023 - Article

The German Government provides direct assistance and quick relief for the least privileged parts of society through the small scale project programme.

Small scale projects – sometimes referred to as micro projects – have become a constant in Germany’s development cooperation with many countries. Funded by the German Federal Foreign Office these projects stand out with a short planning period and a quick and smooth implementation.

The projects address the basic and urgent needs of the underprivileged, alongside the SDG – the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and aim at achieving improved living conditions beyond the duration of the project. The areas of activity are manifold: healthcare and sanitary equipment, income generation through education and vocational training, water supply, energy supply, food security, reconstructions after a natural disaster etc.

The Embassy in New Delhi and the Consulates General in Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata and Mumbai are handling the small scale projects independently within their respective administrative districts.

In 2022 the Embassy in New Delhi disbursed € 122,000 for seven projects in India and Bhutan.

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