Our Jurisdiction: Karnataka Kerala

04.03.2022 - Article

With a population of approximately 10 million, Bangalore is one of the fastest growing cities of the world. The city is located on the Deccan high plateau at an altitude of about 900 meters. Its rise as a center of science, economy and high-tech began in the 60s of the past century.

Both the states Karnataka (1956 created out of the former princedom Mysore) and Kerala expand between the 19th and 8th northern latitude (Bangalore is located on the 13th degree northern latitude). They consist of geographically abundant and vastly divergent forms of landscapes.

Karnataka is inhabited by appr. 61 million people with an area of about 190,000 sq km. Kerala extends over more than 550 kms from North to South along the West coast of the Indian subcontinent. At its widest point, Kerala is only a little more than 120 kms wide. Approximately 33.5 million inhabitants live on an area of almost 39,000 sq km.

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