Design our Buddy Bear!

Design our Buddy Bear!

Buddy Bear Contest, © GKBengaluru

11.05.2023 - Article

The German Consulate presents an extraordinary opportunity to showcase your talent and promote peace and understanding through art. We invite you to participate in designing a life-sized Buddy Bear sculpture, an international symbol of peace and tolerance.

Calling all artists and creative minds!

The German Consulate in Bangalore is excited to organise a contest that allows you to showcase your artistic talents as we celebrate the cultural connections between Karnataka, Kerala, and Germany. The Buddy Bears, renowned symbols of peace and tolerance, will serve as the canvas for your creative expressions.

About Buddy Bears:

Buddy Bears are vibrant, life-sized sculptures that have become an iconic part of Berlin's cityscape, symbolising tolerance and cosmopolitanism. Originally, a temporary art initiative in 2002, the Buddy Bears quickly became a permanent fixture in Berlin and an unofficial symbol of the city. See details here

How to Participate:

Eligibility: The competition is open to all Indian citizens and residents.

Design Concept: Create a design that reflects some connection between Karnataka and/or Kerala, and Germany. Consider elements such as heritage, landmarks, traditions, or any other aspects that showcase the cultural fusion. Feel free to explore various artistic representations and styles, such as graphic, structural, painting, abstract, or photorealistic. For inspiration, you can explore country-specific designs from the United Buddy Bears exhibition

Submission Process: Complete the online registration form Upload your design concept along with a brief description highlighting its significance and symbolism.

Selection Process: A jury of experts will review the entries and select the winning design that best represents the cultural harmony between the regions.

Production Process: The selected artist will be provided with a blank white bear sculpture as their canvas. Before the assignment begins, the final design must be agreed upon by the Consulate and the artist. A contour drawing of a bear is provided here to assist in the drafting process.

Presentation and Placement: The prize-winning Buddy Bear will be unveiled in Bengaluru, and it will find its permanent home at the German Consulate General in Bengaluru.

Competition Guidelines:

Originality: Designs must be original and specifically created for this competition.

Collaboration: The final design will be agreed upon by the Consulate and the selected artist before the assignment begins.

Medium: Artists may explore various artistic representations and styles, such as graphic, structural, painting, abstract, or photorealistic.

Deadline: Entries must be submitted by 30 June 2023.

Prizes and Recognition: The winning design will be painted/designed onto the life-sized Buddy Bear sculpture by the artist, which will be displayed prominently at a prestigious location. The artist will also receive INR 1,00,000 as prize money. Additionally, selected designs may be featured in promotional materials and media coverage, providing artists with an opportunity to showcase their talent and creativity.

Kindly note that the prize money is all-inclusive. The artist will be required to purchase the materials for designing the bear on their own; no extra funds will be granted for the same. If necessary, once the design is finalised with the artist, the Consulate can provide an advance payment to be used to purchase paints and other materials. However, that amount will then be deducted from the prize money, which will be paid out after completion of the work.

Some Dos and Don’ts:

Paint Quality: Use high-quality acrylic paints to create a multi-coloured, brilliant finish. Ensure the paints have lightfastness properties to maintain their vibrant colours over time.

Colour Stability: To ensure the longevity of your artwork, use UV-resistant paints that can withstand exposure to sunlight and maintain colour stability.

Mediums to Avoid: Please refrain from using oil paints, coloured pencils, or fibre pens, as they may not be entirely durable.

Avoid Paper or Foil Covering: Do not cover the bear sculpture with paper or foil, as these materials are not suitable for permanent outdoor installation. Maintain the integrity of the sculpture's surface.

Finishing Touches: After completing the painting, the Buddy Bear must be given a 2-Component clear coat, consisting of varnish and hardener. This clear coat will protect the artwork and provide a glossy or semi-matte finish.

Copyright: With the selected artist, a transfer of copyright, unrestricted, and exclusive rights of use and exploitation covering the artistic design/painting of the sculpture will be agreed upon. This is to avoid later conflicts regarding the subsequent use of the design or to avoid publication.

Content: Political, racist or offensive motives on the bear as well as advertising texts or representations (e.g. brand logos) are prohibited.

Joint Entries: Joint entries are allowed. More than 1 artist may work on the design, but the prize money will not change. Please fill in the names of all the artists in one form.

About the canvas:

Material and Dimensions: Buddy Bear sculptures are meticulously handcrafted using GFK (Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic/Polyester). The dimensions of the bear are as follows: Height: 200cm, Width: 120cm, Depth: 80cm, Weight: 50kg.

These guidelines are intended to ensure the quality, longevity, and preservation of your artwork on the Buddy Bear sculpture and to help you come up with a sustainable design.

Let your artistic skills and imagination soar as you create a design that beautifully represents the connections between Karnataka and/or Kerala, and Germany. We eagerly await your submissions and look forward to showcasing your masterpiece!

For any questions, e-mail us!

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