Now Open: Document Attestation for Students, Job Seekers, & Employment

19.02.2021 - Article

Now Open: Document Attestation for Students, Job Seekers, & Employment

NEW SERVICE (at present offered to only those within the jurisdiction of the German Embassy in New Delhi and Consulate General Mumbai)
You can now have copies of your relevant documents required for submission in Germany attested from the respective competent German Mission in a swift and easy manner via VFS (for study and job seeker / employment purposes only, for other purposes please contact your German Mission directly):

Book your Appointment with VFS.
At the time of your appointment, please present:
• your passport and copy,
• proof of need of attestation (e.g. letter from German university, medical council, etc.),
• your original documents and copies at the attestation service counter at VFS.
VFS will then prepare your documents and collect the attestation fees (additional service and handling charges as applicable), send your set of documents to the German Embassy and return the attested copies to you via courier Service.

For students applying at German Universities:
First 15 pages of first three sets are free of charge. If however the number of pages is more than 15, from the 16th page onwards, the charges for 1-10 pages are 10 Euros (i.e. you have to pay 10 Euros for attestation from 16th page up to 25th page). From 26th page onwards, one Euro for each page will be charged. The VFS will inform any charges that must be paid to the consulate to the applicants. The charges mentioned is the fee structure for the German Consulate.

  • Since the documents are accepted at the VFS, the additional service and handling charges of the VFS will be applicable for anyone who wants to avail the attestation service, even for students eligible for the free sets.
  • Students who have already submitted their three sets in the past will NOT be eligible for free sets.
  • The documents are stapled and attested by the Consulate in a specific format. The stapler pin must NOT be removed in order to add or remove any documents. The attestation will be invalid if the stapled and attested set is tampered with.
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