Important Announcements for Student-Visa Applicants


All student-visa applicants are required to fill up a particular application form for their visa applications.

Dear Students,
We are happy that so many of you are interested to pursue your studies in Germany. We would like to advise you to follow the underlying requirements:

  • This is the main study season and we have opened up many slots for submission via the VFS and the Mumbai Consulate
  • All student-visa applicants are required to fill out the following application form for their national-visa applications: https://videx-national.diplo.de/
    The language of instruction can be changed from German to English using the drop-down feature.
  • Please hand in your application with all necessary documentation according to our student visa checklist
  • Please appear for the slots as provided to you by VFS Mumbai. Should you not be able to appear for the particular slot, please make sure to cancel it at least 48-hours prior.
  • Please note that applicants with habitual residence outside of our jurisdiction cannot apply with the Mumbai Consulate or submit their documents via VFS Mumbai.

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