Overview of our visa services for Schengen visa (intended stay up to 90 days) including standard processing times

31.03.2021 - Article

Please note that these guidelines apply for all applications to be handed in at VFS VAC in Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Bangalore and Kolkata.

Residents of non-EU countries are only permitted to enter Germany if

i. they are fully vaccinated (please see “What rules apply for fully vaccinated people?”)

If this applies to you, you can book an appointment directly with the VFS. Please note, that you are required to show proof of your vaccination status (which has to mention your date of birth) at the time of appointment.

ii. Or if unvaccinated, they serve in an important role or if they have an urgent need to travel

Therefore, the visa section has to pre-check if your travel purpose meets the current exemptions. Only then, an appointment will be scheduled (via VFS). Please submit your inquiry with the necessary documents to the e-mail address stated below.

Please only submit complete inquiries to the below mentioned e-mail. All required documents are mentioned below. The processing time for appointment inquiries is 15 working days. Please refrain from re-sending your e-mail or inquiry about the status within this timeframe.

Travel PurposeNecessary documents for pre-check E-mail-address to contact
Business visa1) declaration of the absolute necessity of short-term business travel
2) a detailed schedule incl. quarantine
Visa for medical emergencies

declaration of the attending doctor from Germany
(birth and pregnancy does not count as an emergency)

Visitor visa for spouses and minor children 1) invitation letter from the person in Germany with a copy of the ID or/and resident permit
2) Marriage certificate or certificate of civil partnership or birth certificate
Visitor visa for un-married couples for information please contact the visa section of the German Consulate General in Mumbai via email

Visitor visa for 1st and 2nd degree relatives

According to the reason of travel:
a) births: copy of the “Mutterpass” or a confirmation from the attending doctor
b) weddings: confirmation of the “Standesamt”
c) funerals: death certificate
d) special exceptional cases in which there is an urgent family reason (e.g. serious illness of a 1st- or 2nd-degree relative who therefore urgently needs help, or absence of any other adult who is the legal guardian of a child under 18).

Visitor visa for other relatives Visitor visa for this category are prohibited by the travel ban. An appointment cannot be granted.
Visitor visa for friendsVisitor visa for this category are prohibited by the travel ban. An appointment cannot be granted.
Visitor visa for tourismTourism visa are prohibited by the travel ban. An appointment cannot be granted.
Visa for cultural purposes

Short term Visa for cultural purposes requires a pre-check and written approval from the responsible German Ministry of Culture.

The standard processing time for Schengen visa is 15 working days upon submittal. Please note that inquiries about the status of your application cannot be answered individually during this timeframe.

Submission of visa applications is possible ONLY with an appointment! – Either at the visa section directly or at our external service provider VFS.

While booking a visa appointment, please note:

  • Only correctly booked appointments are valid.
  • Please book your Appointment under the correct visa category.
  • The appointment bookings are only valid for the person mentioned on the confirmation, the assigned visa category and the assigned appointment date and time.
  • If you fail to provide complete and correct Information, while registering for an appointment, your appointment booking will be considered invalid, and will not enable you to submit your application.
  • We recommend all applicants to book their visa appointments themselves.
  • Assigning a visa agency will not result in an earlier appointment and errors made by the visa agencies/agents when booking the appointment will be at your own Risk

Important Information regarding Pending Documents

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