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26.05.2023 - Article

German Entrepreneurship is specialized in building collaboration structures between governments, corporates, investors, startups, and universities in the global innovation ecosystems. Targeted programs like German Accelerator, Scaler8, the EU-India Innocenter, Master Accelerator and Scale-up.NRW address European and international startups as they transition into the world’s most thriving economies.

Since 2008, the German Entrepreneurship team has guided more than 1,000 startups with its global network of experts - including German unicorns like Flixbus and Celonis. Over 500 innovation projects, ranging from innovation coaching to corporate accelerators, were successfully completed on behalf of DAX-listed and medium-sized enterprises.

As part of German Entrepreneurship’s diverse range of programs, German Accelerator plays a pivotal role in empowering German startups. Proudly financed by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK), this initiative is solely committed to supporting German startups in their pursuit of global scaling. German Accelerator’s India Market Discovery program facilitates German startups in validating their business models and enabling successful expansion into the Indian market.

With a strong presence in Bengaluru and an extensive network in the local ecosystem, the German Entrepreneurship India team acts as a bridge between Indian and global markets to support startups, corporates and SMEs from across countries, industries and stages in cross-border expansion and innovation projects through customized programs. Leveraging the global network and strategic partnerships, the team actively assists German and international startups in entering the Indian market and aids Indian startups in expanding their presence globally.

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