FAQs on Family reunion visa

Yes, you may already book an appointment for a date shortly after your marriage. Please make sure, though, that you have all the necessary documents together by the time of your appointment.

It depends. If your spouse is highly skilled and holds an EU Blue Card, an ICT Card, or if your spouse is a scientist, you are considered “dependent” if you apply along with your spouse or if you follow him/her within six months of his relocation.

In case your spouse holds another residence permit and / or you relocate more than six months after his/her arrival in Germany, please apply in the “family reunion” category.

If the person holding a residence permit / visa as per § 16b AufenthG has already been married to his*her spouse at the moment of issuing the permit / visa and if this person’s intended duration of stay exceeds one year, the spouse as well as the children are eligible for family reunion.

If the marriage was solemnized after the issuance of visa, it will be at the discretion of the clearance officer only, whether family reunion will be approved or not.

In order to apply for family reunion, please read the respective checklist thoroughly.

Yes. As a spouse of a German national, it is mandatory to present an A1 certificate while applying for family reunion.

No. As a spouse of an EU national, an A1 certificate is not required.

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