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Micro Projects

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06.04.2022 - Article

Apply before 29th February 2024!

With our Micro-project scheme, the German Consulate General supports projects for disadvantaged groups of society to improve their social and economic situation.
Preference is generally given to projects in the fields of education, vocational training, income-generation and protection of the environment. Projects promoting gender equality receive particular consideration. The target group benefitting from the micro-project should be actively involved in the project.

Proposals for up to EUR 10000 for each project are accepted. The duration of the project should not exceed six months and has to be concluded before the end of the year. The following costs cannot be financed: staff, administrative and running costs (overhead costs), unskilled labour, vehicles, computers, printers, television sets, travel expenses etc.

Due to conflict of interest, the Consulate General cannot support projects co-sponsored by other organisations that receive contributions from the German Federal Budget (e.g. European Union, United Nations).

Documents required:

  1. Application form
  2. Financing plan
  3. Accounts and budget for the preceding year
  4. Copy of the registration of your institution under the Societies Registration Act
  5. Project summary and photos
  6. Two competitive quotations/estimates (in Rupees) for each item for which the grant is requested
  7. Authorization certificate for the two signatories

After the decision in favour of a project as been made, an allocation agreement will be signed between the Consulate General and the institution.

The institution is further required to submit a final report on the employment of funds, as well as a breakdown of expenses immediately after conclusion of the project.

We accept applications from 16th January to 29th February 2024!

For further information and assistance, please contact the Consulate General.

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To apply for our Micro Project Scheme, please download the Application Form

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