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Consul-General, Manfred Auster

Manfred Auster, Consul-General

Manfred Auster, Consul-General, © ©German Consulate General Kolkata


It is a real privilege to represent my country in West Bengal and in particular in the “City of Joy” where so many encounters and exchanges between Indian and German intellectuals took place over the last two centuries.

You may visit us here today for various reasons: information about current affairs in Germany; activities of the German missions in India and of this Consulate in particular; for job, study and travel opportunities in Germany or, as a German citizen, for consular assistance. During the current Corona-pandemic you might also search for specific information about travel restrictions or limitations in the services our mission can provide.

It is particularly sad for me to arrive in India at a time when so many of the connections and personal contacts I had hoped to establish right at the beginning of my posting will have to wait or will only take place in “virtual-reality” format. We had hoped to celebrate the 30th anniversary of German unification on October 3rd with our friends in Kolkata and beyond in appropriate style. That  will not happen, because of the pandemic. My colleagues and I will nevertheless try to use the possibilities of IT to the utmost and I invite you to follow our social media posts as well. But as an old-fashioned diplomat, I still believe that modern technology can only substitute so much for direct personal interaction. I am certain, however, there will be better times for that again.

Under these circumstances, I would like to encourage you to follow us on twitter and facebook, as well as to follow the social media of Goethe-Institut/ Max Muller Bhawan in Kolkata , our cultural institute. I would also be interested to hear from you and would be grateful for any feed-back you might like to provide us with.

But for now: let's all stay healthy and fight COVID19 !

With warm regards,

Manfred Auster

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