Submission of Schengen visa application at a Visa Application Centre

25.05.2022 - Article

File your Schengen visa application at your Visa Application Centre in three easy steps.

IMPORTANT: Duly completed application forms may be submitted six months prior to the intended travel date. As application numbers peak during the months of April through September, applicants are strongly encouraged to apply well in advance of their actual travel dates. This will help towards the smooth organization of your trip. Please note that it can take up to two weeks to process your Schengen visa, and even longer in individual cases.

File your Schengen visa application at your Visa Application Centre in three easy steps:

Step 1:
Please prepare the necessary documentation for your visa application using the following checklists:

Checklist for airport transit visas
Checklist for business visas
Checklist for trade fair visas
Checklist for guest scientist visas
Checklist for training visas
Checklist for tourist visas
Checklist for visit visas
Checklist for groups
Checklist for medical treatment visas

Kindly note that the photos should meet biometric photos requirements.
These photos can be obtained, among others, at the Visa Application Centres.

Step 2:
Please fill out the online application form, print it out, sign it and submit it along with the other documents.
Alternatively, you can print out the application form and fill it out by hand.
Schengen applicants in Mumbai are kindly requested to fill in the online application forms according to VIDEX format, which can be found above. Please ensure that a high quality printout of the barcode is submitted with the application.

Note: please print out & sign the following declarations in order to complete your documentation:
Declaration on true and complete information
Declaration on health insurance (for multiple entry visas only)
Additional contact and legal representation information

Step 3:
Now you can schedule an appointment for the submission of your visa application and submit it at the nearest Visa Application Centre.

For further information, please visit the VFS Global Website

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