Prevention of Corruption


The legal framework for measures to prevent corruption at the German Federal Foreign Office Headquarters and at its missions abroad is the directive of the German Federal Administration dated July 30th, 2004. The directive provides concise guidelines for a fair and transparent administration.

All staff of the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin and its missions abroad shall be fully aware of ethical principles and the rejection of corruption at all times. The prevention of corruption in particular consists in raising awareness among employees of potential corruption risks, as well as ensuring high ethical and legal standards of all administrative actions.

The contact person at the Consulate General for matters pertaining to prevention of corruption is Ms. Gabriele Boner.

Rewards, personal gifts and other advantages: The ruling principle: Acceptance is prohibited!

Without permission of the Federal Foreign Office, all staff working at its headquarters in Berlin or at German missions abroad be it as seconded personnel or as local staff, must not accept rewards, gifts and other benefits in connection with their duties.

For detailed information on the prohibition of accepting rewards and gifts kindly consult the circular of the Federal Ministry of the Interior dated 08.11.2014 as well as the pertinent circulars issued by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany.

Any questions and information relating to the prevention of corruption in the German Federal Foreign Service can be directed to:

the contact person of the Consulate General in Mumbai (mentioned above) OR

directly to the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin - Commissioner for the prevention of corruption.

For additional information on the German policy for preventing corruption, click below on the catalogue of frequently asked questions about the acceptance of rewards, gifts, or other benefits: Prevention of Corruption - FAQs

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