Beware of Fraud


Protect yourself from being a victim of fraudulent activity.

Important information

Tips to protect yourself from Fraudsters

Many people often fall prey to fraud and deceit. Below are a few points that will help you protect yourself from being a victim of fraudulent activity.

1. Many imposters and local agents pretend to represent the German Consulate Mumbai and pretend to ‘sell’ visas, cars, etc. for exorbitant sums of money. DO NOT BE FOOLED. THEY ARE FRAUDSTERS.
2. Visas for Germany are issued ONLY at German Missions (e.g. Consulates and Embassies).
3. ALL visa appointments are handled ONLY by VFS and at NO COST!
4. No local agents or student counselors have the authority or are in a position to influence or schedule visa interviews/ appointments.
5. Indian citizens interested in employment opportunities abroad have received fake job offers from alleged German employers or agents. If you are looking for employment in Germany, please ensure that you are dealing with legitimate contacts.
6. Believe only the information you read on our official website and social media pages.
7. Always cross-verify the authenticity of ‘news’ or an email received by calling us or emailing us.
8. Refrain from giving out personal details such as passport number, date of birth, etc. to any third party.
9. DO NOT indulge in any financial transactions with any third person or party claiming to represent the German Consulate Mumbai.
10. Be vigilant and stay alert.

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