ProRecognition India – Advice & individual support for your professional career in Germany


Advice and individual support for your professional career in Germany

Career in Germany
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ProRecognition – funded by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research – assists you, free of cost, with general information and individual support along every step of the way in order to live and work in your profession in Germany.

ProRecognition offers up-to-date advice on career opportunities and requirements, such as identifying the competent authority for the recognition of your qualifications - a prerequisite for a work visa -, recommending suitable adaptation courses and answering visa queries. Aside from consultation services, ProRecognition also offers application trainings, adapted to the expectations of German employers, as well as workshops on various topics preparing candidates for their shift to Germany. Over the last 4 years we have consulted over 2500 skilled professionals and accompanied them on their way to employment in Germany.

For further information and to book a consultation, please visit: https://prorecognition.in/

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