Project Examples for Small Scale Projects (non-exhaustive)


Infrastructure and environmental protection
· Equipment and materials for constructing/repairing an irrigation system/a waterdam/a bridge/a road
· Constructing/furnishings and equipment for a community centre
· Constructing biogas/ photovoltaic plants/ a water dam for electricity supply
· Purchase of surveying instruments/ microscopes for water examination

Income generation
· Constructing/repairing crop storage facilities/windmill pumps/facilities to dry food via solar energy/weaving halls/warehouses
· Workshop on how to run a small business
· Purchase of agrarian machinery, e.g. straw cutters/manure Distributors/ploughs/flour mills/scales/roasting machines/rice lusker
· Support for fishing cooperation societies (docks, outboarders)

Healthcare and sanitary facilities
· Extension building for a small hospital/establishment of an infirmary/small-scale laboratory/solar system for hospital
· Purchase of a water distillation unit
· Equipping of washrooms/financing of beds for old people’s homes/wheelchairs for disabled people’s homes/orphanages/centres for the differently abled
· Construction and improvement of sanitary facilities
· Workshop for mothers to promote care for differently abled Children

Educational facilities
· Construction/Repair/Furnishing of school buildings
· Purchase of educational and teaching materials
· Purchase of equipment for vocational training (sewing machines, tools, work benches)

Examples of projects not eligible for funding under the small scale projects scheme
· Humanitarian aid/Preservation of cultural sites
· Financing of purchases of land
· Financing of recurrent expenses such as salaries of regular employees, rent payments, electricity or water bills, food and travel costs
· Projects for which the follow-up costs cannot be paid for by local institutions
· Projects which are not expected to have an impact for longer than two years
· technical equipment (i.e. laptops/photocopying machines etc.) for governmental or administrational departments

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