Visa Newsletter 20.01.2023 - National Visa - Changes regarding A1 German Language Certificate Requirement for Spouses

20.01.2023 - Article

National Visa - Changes Regarding A1 German Requirement for Spouses
The following group of applicants is affected by this update:
- Spouses who wish to join their partner in Germany (Family Reunion visa applicants)

Depending on the residence permit or visa of the partner who plans to work in Germany or who is already working in Germany, simple German language skills based on a recognized A1 language certificate may be mandatory for his/her spouse.

The modification of §§ 30, 32 AufenthG (German Residence Act) regarding the requirement of German language skills for family reunion with professionals and specialists came into force on 31.12.2022.

As per the latest update, if your spouse is working in Germany under one of the following paragraphs (Details of which can be found mentioned on the residence permit or visa), you are no longer required to submit an A1 German language certificate:

Blue Card
§ 18b II AufenthG
ICT Card
§ 19 AufenthG in conjunction with §10a BeschV
Skilled Workers
§ 18b I AufenthG
Professional with vocational Training
§ 18a AufenthG
§ 18d AufenthG
Personnel Exchange
§ 19c I AufenthG in conjunction with § 10 BeschV
IT professionals
§ 19c II AufenthG in conjunction with § 3 BeschV
§ 21 AufenthG
Workers in special positions
§ 19c I AufenthG in conjunction with § 3 BeschV
Settlement permit for professionals
§ 18c AufenthG

There may be other exceptions. These will be examined by the visa officer in each individual case.

Please note: If your spouse holds any type of visa or residence Permit than the ones mentioned above, you are required to submit an A1 German language certificate.

This information does not pertain to Schengen visa applications.

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