Visa Newsletter 26.09.2022 - National Visa - Bachelor of Science - Statement of Comparability

26.09.2022 - Article

We would like to circulate some important messages regarding the processing for National visa applications.

The following group of applicants is affected by this update:

- Applicants with an Indian Bachelor of Science who wish to work in Germany

In order to obtain a German Blue Card or to work as a professional with academic education, the applicant's degree must be equivalent to a German degree. Generally, this can be verified at www.anabin.kmk.org. It is important that not only the degree is equivalent, but also that the institution where it was obtained is listed as “H+”.

If both requirements are met, the applicant is considered a qualified professional according to § 18b II German Residence Act and might therefore be eligible for a job seeker visa or certain employment visa.

Even without an equivalent degree, it is possible to work in Germany. However, certain residence permits, such as the Blue Card, demand an equivalent degree. These residence titles may be beneficial for you and your spouse; i.e. the spouse of a Blue Card holder does not require A1 German language skills.

The good news is: most Indian degrees are equivalent to a German degree.

However, the Indian Bachelor of Science is not entirely equivalent to the German degree. It depends on the subject combination, whether this degree will be considered equivalent or not. Therefore, you will require a Statement of Comparability for Foreign Higher Education Qualifications. All information regarding the same can be found here: www.kmk.org/zab/statement-of-comparability.html

It can only be obtained from the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany (Kultusministerkonferenz). Please see their website here: https://www.kmk.org/kmk/information-in-english.html

In the visa application process, this statement will be required for the mentioned categories and usually takes several weeks for processing. Therefore, kindly apply for the statement before applying for the visa if you are eligible for a Blue Card/ professional with academic background or Job seeker visa.

Please bear in mind that this information does not pertain to Schengen visa applications.

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