Visa Newsletter 20.08.2023 - National Visa - New Skilled Immigration Act (FEG)

20.08.2023 - Article

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National Visa - New Skilled Immigration Act (FEG)

The following group of applicants is affected by this update:
- Applicants seeking Employment Visa

From November 2023, the new Skilled Immigration Act (FEG) will make it easier for skilled workers with vocational training and applicants with practical knowledge to immigrate to Germany. Existing mechanisms for skilled workers with a university degree, such as the EU Blue Card, will be continued and in some cases expanded. In addition, a new Opportunity Card (Chancenkarte) will enable third-country nationals to seek employment.

The new law consists of several parts. Here is a first overview of the planned changes:

From November 2023:
- Further modifications of the Blue Card
- Employment of professional drivers
- Entitlement to residence permit for skilled workers and abandonment of the link between qualification and employment

From Spring 2024:
- Residence for the recognition of a foreign professional qualification
- Employment of (skilled) workers
- Employment of students and trainees
- Short-term quota employment

From Summer 2024:
- Introduction of a job search opportunity card

To find out more about the new changes and what you need to do to become a skilled worker in Germany, please click here.

Please note that this information does not apply to Schengen visa applications.

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