Important Information regarding Pending Documents

04.04.2022 - Article

Starting on April 4, 2204.04.2022, the procedure for all pending documents that the visa section asks for regarding national visa applications will change:

If you receive an email from pending@mumb.diplo.de regarding a pending document, please submit the document(s) to the VFS.

There will be a drop-in option to come to any of the VFS locations to submit the originals. This will be explicitly mentioned in the e-mail that you will receive from us.

When submitting the original document(s), you or a third party you appoint to submit the original document(s) on your behalf must bring a printout of the e-mail sent to you.

The submitted originals will be given back to you with the passport once the application procedure is over. In case you have not submitted your passport, the originals will be sent to the VFS office in Mumbai, for which a VFS team member may get in touch with you.

If you have received an e-mail from pending@mumb.diplo.de for a pending document before 04.04.2022, please follow the procedure outlined in the respective E-Mail, i.e., either send the pending document to infowest.germanin@vfshelpline.com or submit the original at the VAC.

Pending documents that are sent to visa@mumb.diplo.de or pending@mumb.diplo.de or infowest.germanin@vfshelpline.com as a follow-up of a pending mail starting from 04.04.2022 will be deleted, if not sent in response to a pending mail before 04.04.2022.

Please continue to send all pending documents for Schengen visa applications to pending@mumb.diplo.de only.

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