Small Scale Projects


We are accepting proposals for the funding of Small Scale Projects. Apply before 31st January 2024.

Economic cooperation and development: Within its administrative district the Consulate General supports and sponsors small-scale projects, often referred to as “micro projects”.

Small Scale Projects address the needs of the underprivileged parts of society, alongside the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, and aim at improving their living conditions through “assisted self-help”.

The Consulate General funds approx. 3 projects every year within its jurisdiction (Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Goa, Madhya Pradesh, Union Territories of Daman and Diu, and Dadra and Nagar Haveli). As the funds are limited, we unfortunately cannot take every project into consideration.

Requirements for applying for funds for a small-scale Project:

  • Your organisation cannot fund a project itself and needs financial assistance. You are invited to hand in applications requiring grants not exceeding INR 10,00,000-15,00,000.
    This will enable us to support at least two projects and organizations in a given year.
  • The project hasn’t started yet and the overall financing is guaranteed
  • The project must be completed within the calendar year in which the funding agreement was concluded.
  • The project constitutes self-contained measures and cannot entail recurring obligations for the Consulate General (e.g. ongoing requirement to pay salaries or for consumer goods such as animal feed, medicines etc.)
  • The requested funds can only be used for expenses like one-time purchases, workshops and restorations works. Recurrent expenses such as salaries of regular employees, rent payments, electricity or water bills, food and travel expenses cannot be financed. Please find an overview of sample projects and examples for what can and what cannot be funded here.)
  • The project must be a full project in itself, its overall financing has to be secured and it must not be co-financed by other donors.
  • The project partner (implementing agency) should be an experienced, qualified and reliable organisation, preferably a non-government organisation (NGO) registered under the Societies Registration Act. The organisation must also be registered under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA), which was amended in September 2020.
  • The project partners are expected to contribute considerably to the successful implementation of the project (e.g. labour, overhead expenses like administration and travelling) and to ensure that follow-up costs can be met with own resources.


  • Please submit your project proposal in English language before 31st January 2024 via mail or post.
  • The Consulate General will assess all applications and get in contact with you in case of further queries. If successful, you will be informed by us by the end of March 2023. Please refrain from enquiries until then.
  • After approval, please provide us with the hard copies of the application form and all supporting documents per post as well as three quotas / proforma invoices for each item to be purchased (originals).
  • The Consulate General will provide a project agreement which both the Consulate General (donor) and the implementing agency (recipient) will sign.
  • Update the Consulate General regularly on the project implementation. Inform the Consulate General immediately in case of unseen developments/delays.
  • The project will be monitored and visited by a representative of the Consulate General at least once.
  • After successful implementation of your Project, you will be required to provide us with a duly filled and signed project report including financial report as per a Format shared by the Consulate General.

Documents to be submitted:

Please submit the following documents as PDF or Excel only. Files of other formats cannot be accepted.

  • Duly filled and signed application form (download the application form here)
  • Financial plan (The financial plan should contain a detailed list of all revenues and planned expenses. It must be structured in a way that can be easily understood by third parties.)
  • Registration under the Indian Societies Registration Act
  • Registration under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA)

Data protection rules according to Article 13 EU General Data Protection Regulation apply. Please find more information here.

For further enquiries please contact us via our contact form

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